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03 January, 2010


Judging from the reaction to my last post, I'm not the only one who is having some reminder that they are now officially, old.  The scary thing is that I've heard not only from people in my own age bracket, but some who are much younger.

Quite honestly, I think just about all of us begin to wonder: "Why is everyone so Young?" about the time we hit the 40 mark.  You know, the kid at Tim Hortons who calls you sir or ma'am, the police officer who looks like he's a high school cadet, the doctor who you'd swear is playing dress-up and the minister or priest that looks like they just stepped out of Sunday School.  Eventually, rationalization sets in when we accept the fact that "everyone is not so young", it's just that we're getting old -- and older.  Call it cold reality!

A scene from the movie Catch 22 always comes to mind when the subject of young vs. old comes up. 

Yossarian:  He was very old.
Luciana:  But he was a boy.
Yossarian:  Well, he died.  You don't get any older than that.

All I can say to anyone over 40 is: "Have fun with it!  Ya ain't dead yet! 

If you are under 40:  "Your time will come!"