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05 December, 2009

Direction? What direction?...I'm back!

Sometimes you have to distance yourself

I could not stay away.  The "new direction" in which I was heading has led me back to Wrights Lane.
Priorities aside, this is where I need to be when I am feeling an emotion or when I am moved to express myself in the one way that I know how.  As in a recurring dream, I have been lost and it is good to have found my way home again, where I belong.

It is easy to become negatively overwhelmed by life experiences.  I have thrown in the towel numerous times before and walked away from the things that I know, but strangely there has always been an emptiness inside of me that keeps me coming back with the fervent hope that "those who seek shall find."

We have to keep swimming when we are in turbulent waters, otherwise we will drown.  By being true to ourselves and giving in to our heart's true desires we are kept afloat.  We are our own best rescuers.

Yes, it is true that it is easy to become overwhelmed by negativity; but it is just as easy to be overwhelmed by the peace and love of something greater than ourselves.  There is something to be said for retrospection.  We gain by learning from our experiences.  Hopefully at the end of each journey and at the beginning of every new one, we are better people.

I've missed Wrights Lane and it will take a little time to get settled in to a routine that is comfortable for me at this juncture in my life.  But settle in, I will. 

Meantime, as before, come back and visit when you have a minute.  I've missed you too!

Yours truly,

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