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11 August, 2009


I was talking to a fellow in the post office the other day. We were both grumbling about the increasing number of bills that we receive and the fact that we just don't seem to get "happy" mail anymore.

People used to send out friendly greetings and letters and yes, we even got cheques in the mail. For crying out loud, I remember receiving pay cheques in the mail at one time and what a joy it was to open that envelope a couple of times a month. Pensioners, too, used to line up at the wickets at the end of each month to receive their regular government cheques. The post master was the most popular person in town on those days. Sadly, the inception of the direct deposit system at our banks has put an end to that kind of "happy" mail experience. Likewise, the Internet and email has changed the way we communicate with family and friends.

Now all we get in the mail are bills for hydro, heating, TV cable, credit card payments and municipal property taxes, to name but a few of the irritating reminders of our indebtedness for the necessities of life today. Then there are the flyers and direct advertising pieces in different forms that jams our mail boxes on a regular basis. I am convinced that the only person in the world that does not feel a degree of annoyance over the bulk advertising that we are exposed to these days, is my wife Rosanne. I swear, she never saw a flyer, a catalogue or any piece of advertising that she did not like.

Rosanne is the same with bills...She actually pays them before the due dates and is quite upset when she does not receive them in the mail well in advance. I have heard her actually squeal with glee when opening a long-awaited bill. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

As for me, I'd never go to the post office again if I didn't have to pick up bills and advertising flyers for Rosanne.

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