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15 August, 2009


Guess what I had for lunch today?...A nice fat bologna sandwich, that's what!
You health nuts out there will no doubt take me to task for such an unhealthy food choice, what with processed meat being so bad for you, blah, blah. "Tell me you didn't have it on white bread," would be another response I would fully expect.
"Of course I had it on white bread, with lots of butter too!" would be my honest and unashamed answer. I simply like bologna on white bread now and then, that's all there is to it.
And, no, the Devil didn't make me do it today either...Actually it was singer-songwriter Alan Jackson who tempted me with that lunch time idea.
That strange acknowledgement calls for an explanation. Right?
Well, just before lunch I was listening to my favorite country music radio station when good ole boy Alan's latest song hit came on. In typical down-home style, Alan gave forth with exactly my own outlook on life as it exists today and reinforced it with an appreciation for things we take for granted, like my bologna sandwiches.
I'll let Alan and his lyrics take it from here.
There's satellite communications
Long distance Internet relations
The world's a little faster every day
I know it's all well and good
And I don't embrace it like I should
But I wouldn't wanna go backward even if I could.
But I still like Bologna on white bread now and then
And the sound of a whippoorwill down a country road
The grass between my toes and the sunset sinking low
And a good woman's love to hold me close --
I like my 50-inch HD Plasma.
Feels like they just reach out and grab
500 channels at my command
I finally gave in and got a cell phone
That I hardly ever seem to turn on
I guess I never have that much to say.
I got a laptop that sits on a desk
I don't use it much except to check
Some ole car from yesterday I kinda like
That music thang, you just download 'em
And you can save about every song
That's ever been made.
Well I guess what I've been trying to say
This digital world is really okay
It makes life better in a lot of ways
But it can't make the smell of spring
Or sunshine or lots of little things
We take for granted every day.
Yeah, Bologna
A woman's love
And a good cell phone.
Thanks for that Alan. I couldn't have writ it nor sung it any better! I relate totally...You stimulated my appetite and for that you deserve a "Blue Ribbon" -- no bologna!

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