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04 April, 2009


Pleased to see that the Baseball Canada Network has picked up two of my recent baseball stories -- The Two Larry Balkwill's and The Boy Who Made A Big Catch -- in the "On the Sandlots" section. The BCN features everything you ever wanted to know about baseball in Canada and is administered by baseball feature writer Bob Elliott.
...Had a couple of nice emails from Bill Horne of St. Thomas in response to the story I did several weeks ago on his fastball accomplishments. Bill reports that his St. Thomas team may be playing two games in Port Elgin this summer and that will certainly be an opportunity for the two of us to get together after more than 40 years. Also heard from Bill's sister Karen (Horne) Murphy of Oakville. Karen was the Wright's favorite go-to-babysitter at one time.
...Some good news and some bad news about the baseball-playing Cook twins of Dresden. After picking up the win in relief for Indian Hills College Falcons in a season-opening marathon game against Prima Community College, Matt suffered a badly broken wrist while batting in the second inning of a game against Eastern Arizona, March 10, and will be lost to the team for the balance of the year. Matt started the game on the mound and pitched into the third inning in spite of his injury. Brother Justin, I am happy to report, has impressed his coaches with two strong relief pitching performances and picked up a couple of hits for the Falcons in a recent 9-2 drubbing of Longview Community College. Justin (p, 3b) and Matt (p, 1b) are in their freshman year at Indian Hills and have taken a giant leap into highly competitive American college baseball. We'll continue to monitor their progress. Meantime, it goes without saying that his untimely injury has been extremely disappointing for Matt, but in the long run it will only be a blip on his baseball radar. Heal well and come back next season Matt, healthy and strong, with an even more determined attitude. Dresden guys are tough!
...Rosanne was singing the praises of a Canadian figure skater she had seen on television. "She has such fluent movement," Rosanne raved. Meaning, of course, that the skater had "fluid" movement. Just the latest in a growing list of Rosanneisms.

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