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13 April, 2009


We in North America today are enjoying the greatest freedom our revolving and evolving world has ever known. Sounds encouraging, doesn't it? But wait just a minute.
The freedom I am talking about is a freedom that has led to the tendency to ignore the very things that others died to provide. That, to me, is scary to say the least.
We are free to neglect the right of franchise. We are free to neglect the liberties we have inherited. Surely there can be no greater freedom than that! At the top of the neglect or disregard list is religious liberty, the foundation of all other freedoms. Take that away and eventually all freedoms crumble. Somehow that message has failed to sink in.
Religious freedom has been distorted to mean freedom from religion. But it hasn't stopped there. The well-intended swing to political correctness has been carried too far in other important areas of our life as well. Desperately we need a return to government by principles rather than by politics.
After all said and done, freedom is not the right to do as one pleases, but the opportunity to do what is right. Our Founding Fathers sought freedom...
--not from law but freedom in law;
--not freedom from government, but freedom in government;
--not freedom from speech, but freedom in speech;
--not freedom from the press, but freedom in the press;
--not freedom from religion, but freedom in religion.
A few more things for us to ponder in the days ahead. Quite frankly, all this pondering is starting to wear me out!

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