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26 October, 2008


...We're not guaranteed the future and the past is gone forever. Now is the only moment that exists, so make the most of it!
Latest Rosanneisms:
-- "I'm having revelations (reservations) about going."
-- "This problem is exastrabating (exasperating) me."
...Had a nice note this past week from another old Dresden acquaintance who had learned about my "The Dresden I Remember" site. Dargan Burns is a lifetime resident of Dresden and pretty much has his finger on the pulse of the community. Darg recalls working for the Dresden Times in the 1950s when my mother would come in on Wednesdays to help assemble and fold the paper for distribution. He spent the first half of his career in newspaper production but when he finally realized he could not continue to make a living in the business he wisely went back to school (Teachers College) and became a teacher. He has been retired for quite a few years and built a new home for he and Theresa in 2005. He's pretty handy with a hammer and saw.

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