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06 February, 2017


What does your DNA, aging, health, passion and purpose have in common?

According to Nobel Prize Winner Elizabeth Blackburn,"everything!"

The chromosomes are where all our genetic material is packaged in the form of DNA and telomeres, are the very special endcaps at the ends of each chromosome that protects against deterioration. Stress wears down the protective endcaps and makes you more susceptible to disease. The more stress, the more wear and tear.  Makes perfect sense!

The good news is that telomeres can be built back up and lower your chances of getting Alzheimers and other serious diseases.

So how do you rebuild your telomeres, prevent diseases and rapid aging?

Dr. Blackburn says that a growing number of studies indicate meditation and exercise repair telomeres. And the more different kinds of exercise you do, the better the results.

When asked how her research changed her thinking, she said she used to think that aging was an inevitable march toward succumbing to disease and that it was about gradually taking it easier and easier. She has her own exercise program and “now, what I’ve found personally is that what I really needed was purpose.”

The bottom line is that when you get clear about what most fills you up, gets and keeps you excited --i.e. your passions -- you will be on your way to living your purpose.

I certainly buy into that line of thinking...I am passionate about my writing and my purpose, it would seem, is looking after my ailing wife; now all I have to do is learn to meditate and start exercising in order to live longer. Damn if there's not a catch to everything!

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