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23 June, 2016


Imperfection is perfection

How many times have your heard someone say..."It's not a perfect world, but..."?

To my way of thinking it is really a pointless statement.  It's all a matter of how you interpret "a perfect world."

The fact that there are imperfections in the world is what makes it perfect. Without negative, there is no positive. It is this balance, and our human ability to experience a range of emotions that makes the world perfect. 

That being said, it is true that there are individuals suffering all around the globe, many of whom would not agree. That negative/positive balance extends to humanity as a whole however, and that means that some lives have to be worse in order for others' to be great. 

Is it not true that we often feel better about our own situation by looking at others who are worse off than we are? If we all had wonderful lives, we would have no frame through which to view them and therefore great would seem mediocre. Our world is perfect because the ups and downs give everything meaning. 

It is funny then that these very ups and downs are often what lead people to wonder what the purpose of life is. Well, newsflash: The purpose of the individual life is to live, and to add our experiences to the overall human experience.

No one (including God) ever promised us a rose garden.  But we have been given a world to nurture into the best garden possible, even going so far as to turning the inevitable imperfect seedlings into perfect productive specimen plants.  

So if you think that the world is not "a perfect place", get over it.  The world IS what you make of it, perfect or otherwise.  Your choice!

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