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04 March, 2016


The following is a rather involved story with multiple aspects to it.  It will take a few paragraphs for me to zero in on the ultimate moral behind it all but stay with me, I will get to it -- I promise.

Rosanne and I had been through a very tiring and trying day yesterday at the London Region Cancer Centre.  Coupled with everything else going on in our life at present time, we remained physically exhausted and emotionally drained this morning.  Things did not auger well for the balance of our day.

For the first time since her Mantel Cell Lymphoma diagnosis back in November, Rosanne was uncharacteristically distraught.  Completely overwhelmed and giving in to debilitating fatigue, she cried out of frustration in admitting to uncertainty about her ability to cope much further with the rigors and challenges of life in general. With a lump in my throat, I empathized and knew exactly where she was coming from...I shared much of those same feelings.  But I'm getting slightly ahead of myself.

Habitually, before preparing breakfast and getting Rosanne ready for her day in ways known only to primary caregivers, I retire to my study for a quick check of emails and any interesting overnight social media activity.  This morning in firing up my trusty "ThinkPad" I accidentally disturbed a pile of papers on my desk, exposing notes I had made some time ago.  (I am always jotting down notes for future reference, and more often than not end up forgetting about them.)

I cannot readily recall what motivated me at the time but in bold letters at the top of this piece of wrinkled copy paper I had highlighted the words "There is a Divine energy at our disposal, Christians call it God."  My notes went on to ask a question: "How do we use that energy?" which I seemed to answer with the notation: "Share it with others, become a conduit with the energy flowing through you.  Do unto others..."

Those random notes would prove to have particular relevance for me as the day progressed and it took the form of an out-of-the-blue telephone call.  By means of backgrounding, it is pertinent to explain that in December, Rosanne was experiencing problems reading print of any kind and distinguishing faces on TV.  We subsequently scheduled an eye examination for her that resulted in a prescription for reading glasses. Nothing immediate could be done for her distance vision because she had cataracts removed several years ago and lenses implanted.

Optician Lorie Carey, who with her husband co-owns Carey Optical of Port Elgin, is a very professional young woman with a special infectious demeanor about her.  She took great pains to advise Rosanne and to measure her for a suitable style of frames taking into consideration her concern about affordability.

Using a selfie stick, Lorie Cary (right) has a little
 fun with a favorite customer.
Worried not only about the cost implications but also concerned over the potential for her eyesight to change even more drastically with ongoing chemotherapy treatments, Rosanne reluctantly re-considered and apologetically cancelled the glasses order by telephone the following day.  Since then, Rosanne expressed on several occasions how badly she felt about cancelling the order because she had been so taken by the care and attention afforded her by Lorie.

Now, back to this morning and the aforementioned surprise telephone call.

"Hello Dick...This is Lorie Carey from Carey Optical," announced the clear, cheerful voice on the other end of the telephone line.  "You were in to see us a few months ago and I felt immediate affinity for Rosanne and something touched me about the way in which the two of you struggled to get her wheelchair through our front door.  I was impressed by Rosanne's cheerfulness in spite of what she was going through but in the end I understood her reservations about new glasses."

Then came a shocking revelation..."I went ahead and had glasses made up for her anyway, because I knew she needed them.  I want Rosanne to have the the glasses at no charge."

Completely taking the wind out of my sails, Lorie explained that she intended to deliver the glasses to Rosanne as a special long-overdue Christmas gift but that she had been so busy and shorthanded at the store that she did not get around to it.  The purpose of the call was to say that after her next appointment she would be on her way to "turn the glasses over (to me)" at our front door.  In spite of my gratitude and appreciative counter offer, she refused any form of reimbursement.

Still stunned, I hung up the phone and announced to Rosanne that I had news that I thought would brighten her day.  How right I was!

Unfortunately, I was out on an errand when Lorie delivered the glasses. Rosanne heard her at the front door and with a loud yell from her lift chair in the living room invited her to come on in.  What ensued was an exchange of "divine energy" between two kindred spirits -- one a conduit and the other a grateful  receiver, both opening their hearts to each other in a rare display of raw affection and energy.

Rosanne is of a soft, sensitive nature and wears her heart on her sleeve. She is an extremely open, expressive woman who demonstrates an unusual compassion for everyone and every thing.  She dispenses the word "love" frequently and freely.  She is demonstrative and highly emotional with the least provocation. To some, I know, she is almost too good to be true with the result she is often not taken as seriously as she deserves to be.  This morning, however, when she told Lorie with tears flowing down her cheeks that she "loved" her and that God would bless her for what she had done, Rosanne truly meant it and I am sure that her heartfelt reaction was taken as intended.

As we discussed the day's events in retrospect, I told Rosanne about the coincidence of notes that I accidentally uncovered earlier that morning and we marveled at how much our dear Lorie had epitomized the "Divine energy" words that I had highlighted.  "She took the ache out of my heart and replaced it with a calm, peaceful feeling," Rosanne added with a palpable renewed energy.

Thank God for the Lorie Careys that present themselves in our lives at times of great need!

POST NOTE: "Divine energy" is described by new age theological thinkers as a healing force that can be developed in all of us. It has been my experience that people like Lorie Carey come by it quite naturally and unknowingly to the benefit of those of us fortunate enough to be blessed by them.  My belief in earthly angels has been substantiated!

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