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24 January, 2015


A good news story worth passing on
The entire school body at G. C. Huston Public School in Southampton learned about Alzheimer's on Friday (Jan.23rd) and what it could feel like for someone with the disease.

Organized by Alzheimer's 2015 Walk for Memories Coordinator, Jodi Eagleson, the students were asked to lay quietly as she asked them to image what it must be like to have some of the symptoms of Alzheimer's so that they might have a better understanding in the event a family member incurs the illness.  Chances are that one in three of the youngsters will experience Alzheimer's in their family.

The activity also served as a fundraiser by donation for the Alzheimer's Society and all monies raised locally stay in the community. Once the exercise was over, it was outside for everyone where all the students made their own "Snow Angels for Alzheimer's".

The 2015 final winter Walk for Memories will be held Saturday, January 31st in various venues throughout Grey and Bruce counties.

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