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31 March, 2014


We all have those moments where we feel something is amiss but we don’t know exactly what it is. We just know in our heart. The universe reads these feelings as intuitive “impulses”.

Intuition is the undiscovered frontier in human psychosis and development. It has been discovered that people have amazing skills in reading numbers, statistics, or understanding “patterns” of intelligence in altered states of awareness. So, welcome the Aquarian Age! This is when astrologers tell us that we reach epic levels of achievement by learning to be positive and work together to come up with acceptable solutions and equal playing fields.

Life comes in all forms, and we are being compelled to respect it even if we do not understand it. That fact alone is enough metaphysically for us to try to understand rather than destroy. Nature is evolving and this is altering what we see and perceive as “real”. We know some things spiritually but in the past we kept these notions to ourselves out of fear. Not any more...Today’s new generation is more aware than ever of who and what they are spiritually, even though they may not make an outward display of it religiously.

However there is still a need for tradition, decency, and loving kindness to one another. Manners never become obsolete and all life forms respond to love. So we can use and put more of that into what we do on a daily basis. It builds inner peace levels and restores depleted positive energy stores, again metaphysically.

We have to realize what is “natural” for us and what is “naturally” beneficial, too. This can be in the things we do, people we associate and socialize with, and places we go. Just like you wear a certain brand of clothing, shoe, or apparel to “fit” or match your personality, we are doing this metaphysically to fit us naturally. Nature restores order in our life by bringing us back to our point of origin. On a spiritual basis, we have to remember where “self” starts as a soul. Just like you eat well to keep physically fit, we read healthy and positive material for the mind to stay metaphysically fit for whatever life throws in our direction.

Remember too, that passions stir us up as we get ready to act on feelings and emotions. So be clear in your thinking and what direction is best to get you where you wish to be from this point in time forward. This happens when you “center”, meditate, pray or focus on whatever ideal you wish to achieve. It’s all about saying what you mean, and meaning what you say. The universe is listening and reacting to us kinetically as we evolve spiritually and actualize mentally and physically.

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