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04 December, 2013


It has been suggested that approximately 118,000 children were sent to Canada from England, Scotland, Ireland, The Isle of Man and Wales under the Child Immigration scheme from 1863-1939. These boys and girls, ranging in age from toddlers to adolescents, were all unaccompanied by their parents, even though only two percent of them were true orphans. It is a story that has become the shame of  Britain and destination countries like Canada.  It is also a story that involves my late wife's grandmother and her two sisters. 

Check out "Winifred Elizabeth Wood, A British Home Child"
My daughters Debbie, 8, and Cindy, 5, with their British Home Child
great grandmother Winifred in a photo, circa 1970.
The response to this site has been absolutely overwhelming with more than 770 hits in the first 64 hours of its publication, including acknowledgment from the British Home Children's Advocacy & Research Association.

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