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12 August, 2013


This is a video of a young lad I have taken a special interest in. His name is Issiah Rose, he lives in Tara, Ontario, is 10 years of age and will be going into Grade 7 in September. He has impressed me with his natural musical ability, especially because he has never had a lesson...He is strictly self taught with some encouragement from an aunt and a special church elder friend. He continues to astound his non-musical parents. His musical talent truly comes from within his "old soul" and is a therapeutic escape for him when dealing with bouts of diagnosed ADHD. He often plays and sings during worship services at Cornerstone Presbyterian Church in his home town where I frequently fill in as a lay preacher. Issiah refers proudly to a standing ovation he received during a school concert this spring. "I surprised them," he says convincingly. In this video Issiah was entertaining early-comers to a wedding vows renewal ceremony for his parents Teresa and Elvin Rose. Long-term ambition?...You bet!..To some day perform on stage at the Grand Old Opry in Nashville.

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