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09 May, 2013


Barrett with new sunglasses -- and a stick. 
Over the years I have had many little buddies.  I have written about some of them.  Invariably, they ended up calling me "funny guy".  A few adults have also called me a funny guy, but I much prefer it coming from the mouth of a babe.

My latest tiny tot chum is 22-month-old Barrett.  Already he gets "Bear" for short.  He lives across the street from me with his young mom and grandparents.

Barrett likes lawn mowers, snow blowers, tools of all kinds (his grandfather's) and sticks, any kind of stick. He has a two-word vocabulary, "hi" and "bye", both of which sound pretty much the same.  We have great conversations, all one-sided; but I often catch him studying me as if thinking "what a funny guy."  When he wants me to sit down he pats a chair, the ground or a step with his chubby hand.  I try to comply in spite of my very stiff arthritic ankles.  By the time I get down to his level, he is generally off to something else that has caught his attention.   He is a great waver and shouts "bye" long after I have left the scene.

His folks are trying to get him to say "please" and "thank you", but I am waiting for the first time he calls me the way he no doubt sees me -- "funny guy".

I've already told Barrett that I think that he is a pretty funny little guy.  He makes me laugh!...All kids do.

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