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01 March, 2013


Well, they come and they go on March 1st.  Take me and St. David, the patron saint of Wales, for instance.

St. David apparently died on this date, and approximately 20 centuries later I was born.

It is not commonly recognized in North America,  but March 1st, is St. David's Day - a day of remembrance for the death of  the Patron Saint.  Tradition holds that he died in the year 589 and, in the 18th century the first day of March was declared a national holiday in Wales.

As the Patron Saint of Wales, St. David plays a very important role in Welsh culture with parades held in Wales, especially in Cardiff where the Queen or Prince of Wales attend festivities.  People of Welsh background, such as 19th century explorer David Thompson and 20th century novelist Robertson Davies, are remembered on this day and many Canadians can trace their ancestry to Wales.  Unlike a number of contemporary Welsh "saints", David was officially recognized in 1120 by the Vatican.

The Welsh flag.
The Welsh generally are known to be extremely talented people.  Heading the list of Welsh notables in the entertainment field are singer Tom Jones and actor Richard Burton.  Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones is also of Welsh heritage.

I don't have an ounce of Welsh blood in me, but I enjoy celebrating March 1st. anyway.  Glad my mother had me 75 years ago today on good old Canadian terra firma!

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