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11 August, 2012


How many times have we heard the expression 
"Life is a journey, not a destination"?

I heard this quote recently, and it suddenly made 

me realize how easy it can be to worry 
constantly about the future… and forget to 
focus on the now.

You see, when you invest all your energy 

into what hasn't even happened yet (and 
may never happen at all) sometimes 
days, weeks or even months can go by 
before you realize you haven't taken any 
time to...stop, "smell the roses" and enjoy the 
present moment.

A wonderful young woman by the name of Natalie

passes along three simple tips we can all use to
snap ourselves back to "enjoying the here and now 
of life's journey".

1) Appreciate nature once a day. 

"Maybe you'll pass a beautiful tree on your 

way to work today, or perhaps a 
spectacular sunset will catch your attention 
as you go about your evening. 

"Whatever it is, take a few minutes to stop 

and fully take it in. You may be surprised 
how quickly you'll shift into a more 
peaceful, positive vibration."

2) Compliment a friend or loved one.

"Do you have a friend who always makes 

you laugh? Or a loved one who is always 
there for you when you need a helping 
hand? Let them know you appreciate them 
and you'll both enjoy a surge of positive 

3) Practice a random act of kindness.

"Take a moment to hold a door open for the 

person behind you or even just say, 'Good 
morning!' to a stranger on the street. It's 
amazing how something so simple can put 
a smile on someone else's face…and yours.

"Practice just one or all three of these tips and 

you'll instantly raise your vibration… AND 
attract even more positive energy to you!"

Thanks for reminding us Natalie that "the best

things in life are always be free" -- and easily 
within our reach.

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