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08 March, 2011


On the heels of a most unsettling development last week which will remain undisclosed, I find myself relying on a philosophical nature and a healthy daily dose of Celexa.

Like boats, I think we all want to be firmly anchored when life's seas are rough.  In our efforts to resist the winds of change and worst case scenarios, we often affix ourselves to a deep optimistic belief that we will stay on course.  Sadly, however, there are times when we tie ourselves to ideas that appear to have a firm anchor but are actually very much adrift and in danger of grounding or, worse yet -- sinking.

The upside of this analogy is that there is always a period of calm following a storm and generally a personal acknowledgement that we really do not need as much security as we originally thought.  There is always a new course to navigate with a promising horizon in the distance.

The next port will offer some new challenges and opportunities, maybe even a pot of gold.  At least that is what I keep telling myself.

Here's to smooth sailing for the balance of the cruise!

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