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11 February, 2011


I am pleased to announce the publishing of my 25th blog site featuring an interesting and talented young  hockey player who grew up in my hometown of Dresden.

Robert Johnston (right) and older brother
 Brian, circa 1960
Like so many other starry-eyed youngsters, Robert "Rosy" Johnston never did make it to the National Hockey League but he has maintained a burning love for the game all his life.  A respectable Junior "A" caliber player, Rosy eventually made his way out west where he played on provincial championship teams in both Manitoba and Alberta.  Now 57 years of age and living in Calgary, he remembers his formative years in Dresden with fondness and credits the grandmother who raised him and surrogate parents who mentored him with being responsible for the man he is today.

It is a simple down-to-earth story that kind of makes you feel good about a lot of things and, in particular, a likeable blue collar guy who has done the best with what God and some caring people gave him when he was growing up in a small close-knit Southern Ontario community.    

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Richard said...

Nice story.
A 40th reunion for the 1971-1975 SOJHL Windsor Spitfires is in the planning stages for fall 2011.
Rosy Johnston played for the Spits in '72-'73. If you have contact info, please email me at