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09 June, 2010


Motivationists are making millions ($) these days promoting and marketing "the secret" of the law of attraction.  Like they have just discovered something new...Clever opportunists capitalizing on a supreme fact of human life that is so easily unappreciated and unrecognized.

What a gullible public fails to realize is that every thought has a literal value in every possible way.  The strength of our body, the strength of our mind, our success in professional life, the pleasure our company brings to others, all depend on the nature of our thoughts.  This is as much a chemical law as it is a spiritual law.

Chemistry is not confined to the elements we see.  The elements we do not see with the physical eye outnumber ten thousand times those we do see.  The Christ injunction:  "Do good to those who hate you", is based on a scientific fact and natural law.  In other words, to do good  is to bring to yourself all the elements in nature of power and good.  To do evil is to bring the contrary destructive elements into your life.

The law of attraction works universally on every plane of action, and we attract whatever we desire or expect.  There is no secret in the fact that if we carry any thought about us, and retain it no matter what, we will unceasingly attract to ourselves precisely what corresponds to that dominant thought.  Sadly, however, we often fail to realize that our thoughts are our private property and we can regulate them to suit our taste entirely by steadily recognizing our ability to do so.

We are so often crippled by the negative elements of doubt and fear which assuredly neutralize what would otherwise be a tremendous force in our favour. I'm sure we've all had experience in this area...You know, the "I could never do that" or "it is unrealistic" and the common killer "the status quo is good enough for me." It is paramount that we maintain a focus about ourselves as we follow our passions and our dreams.

I took part in an international teleconference recently that dealt quite effectively with a powerful flow that is at work in the universe.  It was generally agreed that to attract anything in life -- financial security, a loving relationship, success in business, whatever is desired -- we must look to the generally accepted attributes of unconditional giving or sharing, love, compassion and forgiveness. Very succinctly:  To give is to receive.

But we already knew that, didn't we?  It's just that our memories are often like our eyesight -- very short. That one personal shortcoming is why certain people out there are making millions, and I am not.

Maybe it is still not too late to start working more intently on those Christian attributes that so often get lost in the shuffle of everyday life.

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