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14 November, 2008


Everything else goes on hold
When I started construction of an en suite bathroom addition to our house in August, 2007, I thought no problem...a month on footing, framing, siding and roofing and another month on inside insulation, drywall, flooring, tiling, plumbing and electrical and I will have the job finished by Thanksgiving at the outside.
Boy, was I ever wrong! I'm still at it 14 months later, with a long way to go. Now I'm thinking that Christmas 2008 would be a realistic goal for finishing the project, providing I rearrange priorities starting immediately.
Of course I have a few excuses like complications with the town planning department, a fussy building inspector and a long wait for installation of rough-in plumbing. I must confess, however, that the start up of my blog site this summer and far too much time spent at the computer keyboard in the interim, has been largely responsible for the situation that now looms large in my life.
Rosanne is getting antsy and has finally issued an edict: "Either finish the job, or hire someone to do it!" Understandably, she wants our bedroom back. For the past 10 months it has served as a workshop/warehouse (see top photo). Naturally
my pride will not allow me to hire someone so I have had to make a painful decision -- no more computer and Wrights Lane for the next week with every available minute spent working on the long overdue bathroom (see photo at right.)
I'll keep you advised of my progress and will certainly announce "the big flush" -- hopefully by Christmas.

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