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14 September, 2008


"Run" the plays, don't "call" them

It is not my intention to sit at the computer keyboard and attempt to ram anything down people's throats. My motivation is merely to offer food for thought...Something to ponder in our hectic lives as we struggle to move ahead, or simply try to maintain a foothold in the ground that we have already managed to gain over the years.

I am of the firm belief that a uniquely designed "game plan" was in place for each one of us before we were born. I do not think that we are just dumped into this world and expected to sink or swim all on our own. How cruel would that be?

A fellow by the name of Steve May has an interesting slant on the point I am trying to make when he says: "The problem is that sometimes we think we're Peyton Manning." Peyton was unusual among football quarterbacks because he was one of the few allowed to call his own plays. Most quarterbacks in the NFL and CFL get their plays from the sidelines, their job being not to call the plays but to run them.
Really, it's the same way with us. The key to a successful life is not figuring out what we do best and maximizing our talents. The key to success is also not in finding out what we enjoy doing the most and learning how to make a living at it, although that is a popular misconception. The real key to success and ultimate satisfaction is discovering God's game plan for our lives and following it.
Our decisions should not be the result of weighing options as we would when visiting various booths on career day. We need to learn to see ourselves as players on a team, with our Heavenly Creator calling the plays. The crucial difference for us in following God's game plan is that His plan is something we discover, not something we decide.
Whether we are just starting out in life or entering the twilight, when we make decisions about our future, we should let those decisions be driven by the question: "God, what do you want me to do? What is your plan for me? If you call the plays, I will run them."
If we listen, we will always be given as much direction as we need to turn our life into one long championship season. It takes the pressure off the quarterback when his plays are called for him.

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